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Advanced Systematic
Trading Strategies

A next-generation Hedge Fund harnessing Artificial Intelligence

Data Driven Portfolio

Leveraging the power of AI, the Xnumia Fund combines sophisticated systematic strategies to exploit inefficiencies and dislocations across various asset classes

GFSC Authorised and Regulated

Regulated as an Experienced Investor Fund by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission

Risk Management

Robust systematic risk management measures are integrated within our trading models

Machine Learning

Sophisticated numerical inference technology

Experienced Team

Our team has extensive expertise from world-class traditional Financial Institutions

Unprecedented Times. Impeccable Reliability.

Inefficiencies exist due to a multitude of factors, ranging from economic data to geopolitical events, creating trends and eventually overbought and oversold situations that can be exploited using sophisticated quantitative strategies.

Invest with Confidence

Highly experienced

and proven team

Gold Standard

Services Providers

Authorised & Regulated

by the GFSC

Independent Auditor &

Fund Administrator

“Information is the resolution of uncertainty.”

- Claude Shannon 
                  Father of the "Information Theory"

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