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Disrupting the Status Quo: Innovative Strategies for Outperforming the Market

FX Majors Enhanced 

Investment Philosophy

The Xnumia FX Majors Fund uses a combination of systematic trading strategies to capitalize on short-to-medium term opportunities in foreign exchange markets. Market inefficiencies, stemming from factors like political decisions, economic data releases, and geopolitical events, produce trends, breakouts, and overbought/oversold situations that can be exploited systematically.

Strategy Overview

The Fund uses a blend of technical analysis and other quantitative techniques with the aim of generating consistent long-term capital growth. The model uses a multi-dimensional approach that currently combines 19 distinct strategies across 16 FX pairs, employing a blend of 3 fundamental techniques, namely trend, ranging, and reversion. Each strategy and pair is meticulously designed with its own predetermined multiple timeframe confluence for entry criteria, derived from technical indicators with a focus on smart money order flow. Additionally, the sophisticated trading infrastructure and efficient execution methods enhance the ability to capitalize on numerous trading opportunities; the FX majors Fund benefits from a line of credit facility and access to high leverage.

Risk Management

Risk mitigation is achieved at multiple tiers, as each strategy is algorithmically designed to operate within pre-set risk parameters, utilizing various techniques including exposure control and stop-losses. With trading frequencies ranging from 20 to 200 times daily, risk is efficiently curtailed by diversifying across numerous trades, managing exposure, and precluding over-concentration. A trailing stop mechanism allows the Fund to seize the upside potential of profitable trades, while concurrently safeguarding against substantial losses in the event of adverse market movements.

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